Rönni Centre is a legendary entertainment center located at Eräjärvi, Orivesi, about 45minute drive from Tampere. It is best known as a traditional Finnish open-air dancing hall but reality is much more versatile.

Since founded in 1949 next to stunning Rönni strait, the Centre has been a place for dancing, socializing, weightlifting competitions, enjoying great music and tasty food. Summer is the season when Rönni comes to life and from May to August there are events held at least 4 nights a week. During daytime Rönni´s restaurant serves hungry and thirsty people. What would be a better way to spend a day than sipping a cold brew, relaxing and looking at stunning views of the lake Längelmävesi?

Rönni is run by a local sports club Eräjärven Urheilijat Ry and most of the work is done by volunteers. Every summer local theater presents a play, usually a Finnish classic, for people who are hungry for culture. For nurturing the body and soul, yoga classes are held at Rönni park area. Beach volley courts are also open for everybody. All these are maintained by local volunteers. At Rönni community is very strong and communal work is very important. Everybody are welcome to come to Rönni just as they are.

The dancing has been and is the reason for Rönnis existence. Traditional dancing events are held 1 to 2 times a week, Midsummer festival being the biggest event of all. Once a week there is one bigger nationally known performer who has specialized in ball room dance music. Other nights there are smaller rising talents, and sometimes even two bands on a same night. 

There are about 15 different styles played and danced during the evenings, most popular being tango, walz, foxtrot, rumba, jive and Finnish dances humppa, jenkka and polkka. To take part on dancing events, you don´t need to have your own dance partner. Or even know how to dance! Dance courses are normally held an hour before the actual event begins. 

Rönni Centre is also known as a harbor of love. During more than 70 years, many romances have begun at Rönni. The beautiful Finnish nightless nights, scents of summer, latest hits and the magic of dancing have been a perfect recipe for great love stories. So put on your dancing shoes and come to Rönni, who knows maybe you´ll find the love of your life there! 

Visiting Rönni is a tradition to many, and people say, summer is not summer without a visit to Rönni Centre. Whether you are arriving by car, boat or bicycle, you are more than welcome to come and find out what #Rönnilove is all about! 

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